…because every pastor needs a pastor


Asking for help is something that doesn’t come easy for any of us. It can be even more difficult for pastors because so many of us look to them for comfort, understanding, wisdom and direction. PastorServe takes a proactive stance that every pastor needs a pastor. Pride, guilt and shame can all be hindrances to asking for help or assistance. And who can pastors turn to that will do the same for them?

PastorServe exists to love, serve and bless pastors and ministry leadership. We seek to encourage, revitalize, and empower pastors and ministry leaders by offering them practical counseling, training programs, and networking connections within their cities and communities. We provide a safe place for pastors to communicate about their problems – no matter how dark.

My dear friend Jack Miller used to always say, “Cheer up. You’re worse than you think, but more loved by Jesus than you’ll ever understand.” His words carried such promise and hope for me and that’s what I hope PastorServe will do for the pastors of the world who need us most.

- Jimmy Dodd
President & Founder, PastorServe